Māori Movement

Māori Movement is an educational web series.  It is a unique health and wellbeing programme that brings together the traditional training of warriors (both male and female) into a modern interpretation. 

We base our fitness and movement system around the knowledge of Atua (Māori Gods) to inspire the approach to each movement sequence. The series of video clips on the website featured a movement series based on 7 Atua; Tāne-Mahuta, Haumia-Tiketike, Rongomatāne, Rūaumoko, Tangaroa, Tāwhirimātea and Tūmātauenga.

To see Māori Movement visit the website www.maorimovement.co.nz


Maori Movement Courses

Tumatauenga Level 3

Maori Movement Tumatauenga main

Project Credits

Beez Ngarino Te Waati
Assisted by:
Edmund Eramiha
Sophie Williams

Programme Creation
Beez Ngarino Te Waati
Kura Te Waati

Maurakau Expert
Tukiterangi Curtis

Te Reo Advisor
Scotty Morrison

Production Manager
Tweedie Waititi

Production Assistants
Ben Thomason
Jamie Waititi
Josh Walker

Make-Up & Hair
Elise Anderson

Gibson Harris

Simon Ellis
Fanaati Mamea

Second Camera
Ben Thomason
Jamie Waititi

Drone Camera
Peter May

Wendy Matthews

Audio Mix
Phil Woollams

Harley Roberts
Andy Mc Grath

Website and Still Photos
Peter May

Ben Thomason

Bradley Walker

Julia Leonard

Web Series Funding
Te Māngai Pāho